For pigs

Alfalfa pellets

Packaging: 1000 kg

  • Complementary feed for pigs.
  • Improves reproductive functions of animals, recover faster after giving birth.
  • Increases the number of born live piglets (have research data available).
  • Sows have more milk.
  • For fattening pigs to get leaner meat (reduces the quantity of wheat, replacing it with barley and alfalfa).
  • Reduces feed conversion.
  • More available phosphorus (less phosphor in phytate compounds).
  • Improves stomach processes for piglets.
  • A good source of calcium. High relation Ca:P, suitable for fodder with grain (low Ca:P relation).
  • Rich in vitamins: beta-carotene, Biotin, and A, B, C, D, E, K, P, U.
  • Rich in minerals Ca, Fe, K, Mg, P.
  • Non-GMO.
Pellet diameter , mm8
Moisture, %max 12
Protein, %16-18
Crude fiber, %max 39

Usage: fattening pigs up to 10% in feed, for weaned piglets alfalfa pellets to 3% in feed, for pregnant sows 5-10% in feed, gradually increasing the dosage. Include ground alfalfa pellets in concentrated feed.