The company Alfa Agro was established in 2013 with the aim to produce animal feed materials from locally cultivated alfalfa and grass. Alfa Agro factory belongs to the Latvian cooperative society Agrario. 

Alfa Agro products are manufactured in accordance with the HACCP and GMP+ (good manufacturing practice) quality management principles.


Our products are produced based on HACCP and GPM+.

Cultivation and harvesting.

The seeds we sow are well selected non-GMO varieties. Our cooperative makes field tests to select best alfalfa varieties and ensure good quality alfalfa for cutting and drying. Our agronomist examines our farmer fields and determines the best harvesting time. We make quality analysis for each incoming material batch in our laboratory.

Safety and tracebility.

Our staff team is trained on HACCP and GMP+ principles to be able to implement the principles in the production processes and make corrective actions when necessary.  Product safety and tracebility are important aspects of production of dried alfalfa products.  The system allows to trace products from field where alfalfa was cultivated to customer who receives final product.

Drying technology

Alfalfa is dried on belt dryer in mild temperature 70-85°C wich allows to produce high quality product (traditionally alfalfa is dried in 600°C temperature with flue gases or hot air, which in terms on energy is more cost efective, however quality suffers).